Prom 2015 by: Kenny Clouser

YC Prom

On Saturday, May 2, York Catholic had prom in the Verandah Room at the York Expo located in the York Fairgrounds. Before dinner was served the prom court assembled and the prom king and queen were announced. Hannah Laslo and Michael Sterling were voted prom queen and king. For dinner parmesan chicken was served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The chocolate lava cake was served for dessert with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. After the dinner was all wrapped up, the DJ summoned everyone to the dance floor and the dancing began. What a memorable night for the juniors and seniors. Especially the seniors, as they enjoyed their final dance with classmates and friends.


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A Road Trip & A Hockey Game By Kathleen Byrne and Alex Johnson

Road TripIt was Friday the 17th and the destination was Wilkes-Barre, PA.  It was a two and a half hour drive and a 7:00 puck drop. We had a long drive ahead of us. On the ride up we passed some odd people in the cars aside of us. By odd we mean, one guy had a permanent smile on his face, a guy from Ontario had his sleeved rolled up in the weirdest way, and had to keep passing our car, and other people we ultimately found hilarious. To be honest though, Alex’s constant singing and Kathleen’s tears from laughter caught other drivers attention which made them give us odd looks as they passed by. They were judging us hard core. After a two and a half hours we reached our destination, the beautiful town of Wilkes Barre. You know it’s high quality when there’s a Wegmans around. Of course our hunger led us to our usual spot, Sheetz. After refueling ourselves with some food, we entered the Mohegan Sun Arena. We arrived at our seats in the fourth row.  We had an impeccable view of the ice, as we watched the teams warm up. One of Alex’s favorite players, Kasperi Kapanen, had been assigned to the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins so there was some excitement when we spotted him on the ice.  After warm ups, various members of the team received awards,  their devotion to community service, most improved, and this season’s MVP. We managed to make it into the background of the pictures where the players received their awards, mainly Matt Murray. The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins and  the Albany Devils took the ice. Though the Albany Devils were crushing the Penguins, the energy from the fans was infectious. Alex is no stranger to hockey games and was right along cheering and making noise. Kathleen managed to shock Alex by letting out a scream at the game. The way she reacted you would have thought someone scored a game-winning goal with 1 second left on the clock. After a 4-0 loss to the Devils, people began to file out of the stadium. Alex and Kathleen knew there was a signing afterwards so they decided to stick around. Alex is not a fan of lines though, so we decided to walk around until the line dwindled down. On our walk we came in contact with some humorous security guards that helped the time go by. Soon we retreated to the back of the now much shorter line and waited. Finally we approached the table, and met Penguins player, Clark Seymour. Alex had him sign her program and we both had taken photos with him. Soon it was time for our long ride back to York. On the ride back Alex proceeded to urge Kathleen to sing and eventually Kathleen caved and offered up vocals to Will Smith’s “Boom! Shake the Room”. I’ll admit it was more on the lines of me mumbling BOOM but I still kind of sang. The scream and singing led to Alex muttering, “Alex has milestones for you”.  The ride back was long but it was filled with laughter and singing (on Alex’s part). It was quite the ride but I think we both agree  we would willingly make the trip up again. This time Kathleen would make a greater effort to sing and hit those milestones Alex has in place for her.


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Brother and Sister Duo Win Speech Contest By: Katie Siple

Annually, York Catholic hosts a competitive speech contest to celebrate the power of the written word. Finalists perform speeches in front of the entire student body. Many students create their own original speeches, like brother and sister Brian and Lauren Hand.

BHandBrian Hand’s expression when he placed in the speech contest.


Although some students might loathe public speaking, the Hands relish the opportunity to speak in front of the student body.

“The opportunity to speak and share a voice with the entire student body through the speech festival is a fantastic opportunity that I greatly appreciate,” Brian Hand said.

“The speech contest is a great opportunity for students who want a chance to try out their voices and share what they have to say with their peers,” said Lauren Hand.

LHandLauren Hand won the speech contest two years in a row. But can she do it for a third time?


Nerves often get in the way of good public speaking, but the Hands say taking a deep breath usually helps.

“I always get nervous, even when I get up to speak just for my English class.  But I shake it out before I go on, take a deep breath, and then let it go,” said Lauren on presenting speeches.

“While presenting my speech to the student body my nerves strangely became inexistent. Waiting back stage on the other hand was very nerve racking, but after I began to speak, the words just flowed and I didn’t feel at all nervous or nauseous.  Having friends in the audience and backstage was a tremendous factor for that as well.  Quite frankly I don’t remember half of it,” said Brian on speaking at the speech contest.

The Hands hold a legacy at York Catholic for placing in the speech finals. How do they write such fantastic speeches?

“I pray that I can think of a good topic and then when I do, I see how far I can possibly take it and then evaluate its potential,” said Brian.

“I never really know where they’re going to come from.  I try to think of something that’s relevant to my life and then put my own spin on it. Freshman year that was the challenges of being a ginger, this year it was the challenge of writing a job resume! Usually I work on a few ideas and then pick one to use,” said Lauren.

Brian, a freshman, won third place in the speech contest for his original story about a boy and his love of Goldfish (no not the fish, but the beloved snack cracker).

Here is an excerpt from Brian Hand’s speech, “A Snack that Always Smiles Back:”

It was November 14th 2008, and Little Sherman Hillfink walked into his small kindergarten classroom that day with his head raised ever so slightly higher than usual for that morning, his dear sweet mother had packed him his favorite snack of all time.  Can you all guess what that is?  That’s right, it was Goldfish. He placed his savory snack in the compartment of his desk along with his favorite book, Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in the Twilight series, oh and he had but only a few pages to go.  This truly will be an unparalleled day he thought to himself as he proceeded to place his backpack, lunchbox and ninja turtle hoodie in his assigned cubby.  He then returned to his desk, sat down quietly in his small plastic chair and…something was amiss.  His head spun, and in dreadful anticipation of what he was about to discover he ever so gingerly creaked open the lid of his desk.  Relief was followed by shear despair as he saw a faint orange glow only to realize that it was nothing but a zip-lock bag half full of stale Cheesits.  And his book?  Oh his book where was his book!  Bill Ferguson, Sherman’s table buddy, would swear that upon this unholy surprise that the single word Bella trickled innocently from his bamboozled tongue.  Oh what cruel trickery was this!  And then he knew.  Oh he knew but he wished he didn’t.  He raised his eyes to see none other than Leonard Butternut, or as the children of Mrs. Sparkle’s class referred to him, BIG LENNY, smirking back at him and twirling a bag of goldfish violently in his sausage like man-child fingers.  And to the horror of our young hero, tucked between the elastic waistband of his Adidas sweatpants and the paunch of BIG LENNY himself was his book…..

Lauren, a junior, is no novice to the YC speech contest. She has been a finalist for several years now. Hand’s speeches just keep getting better and more humorous each year. She finished in first place with her speech about an original and brutally honest resume.

Here is an excerpt from Lauren Hand’s original speech “Please Hire Me:”

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Potential Employer,

I have learned much in all the years I have spent becoming an educated citizen capable of contributing to society.  My useful and ever so applicable knowledge includes but is not limited to a complete list of English prepositions, most of my twelve times tables, and the stages of mitosis. However, I have never been taught how to write a resume.  So I’m asking you to bear with me as I cast my rod into the depths of my imagination and scrounge around for a sliver of relevance.  I’ll start with one thing I do know!  You can’t spell “resume” without “me!”  So that is where our real world adventure begins.

I believe that honesty is the best policy.  That’s why I am going to spout off all the reasons you shouldn’t hire me before I try to redeem myself with the only slightly more numerous reasons that you should.

1. Let’s be serious: can I bring my cats to work? Because Mr. Flufferhoosen cannot be left unattended for more than six minutes at a time or we risk not only his fate but the fate of every other living thing within a five mile radius.  I’m not saying that it’s a necessity, but if I were not permitted to bring along my little feline, the soft yet convincing growling coming from the darkest corner of your consciousness may prove to be slightly less than a delusion.

2. I am very trusting.  Imagine this: a skier who prefers to wear all black and is down on his luck comes in asking to borrow the money in the register to feed his starving children and puppies.  What sort of cold hearted animal could say no to such a noble request?  I certainly could not.

3. I’m not saying this happens often but I do have an alternate personality that occasionally makes an appearance and should it happen you should know that she is very Irish and very sassy—(brogue) Don’t you be talking about me that way—(a tempo) They need to know—I’ll beat you til you’re mashed potatoes—You wouldn’t dare! (audible shiver).

4. Are you willing to pay me in Trident Layers Gum?  Because actually I’m working on this project right now where I am constructing a life sized sculpture of a Wookie out of nothing but strawberry citrus gum (get it? Chewbacca?)……

Neither of the Hands expected to win the speech contest. They were shocked but also proud that the hard work they put into preparing their speeches paid off in the end.

“I was very surprised when I first learned that I had placed in the speech final, and naturally, very excited as well.  When I learned that my sister, Lauren, had also … placed, I was unimaginably happy for her and so grateful that I had her helping me through the weeks leading up to the festival and into the competition,” said Brian.

“I’m surprised to have won even once because the speeches I give are always comedic, but I’m very grateful.  I aim to do my best, and if I can make people laugh a little bit and go off feeling good about my performance, I’m happy,” said Lauren.

Watch out for the Hands as they compete head to head in the speech contest next year.

“I’ll definitely try! As long as I can come up with another idea, I plan on doing the speech contest again next year,” said Lauren.

“I will definitely continue to participate in the speech festival next year as a sophomore, and hopefully in my remaining years at York Catholic,” said Brian.

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My First Orlando City SC Game by: Jordan Lesher


Orlando, Florida is many things to many people. For me Orlando was one of my favorite travel destinations when I was younger, taking my first visit when I was months old. After multiple trips to “The City Beautiful,” it has easily become one of my favorite cities to visit, second only to New York. While this city has become known as a theme park mecca, it is also turning into one of the most supported teams in Major League Soccer. Orlando City SC started playing in the USL in 2011 after relocating from Austin, Texas, and made the jump to MLS for the 2015 season. Their home opener drew 62,000 soccer crazed fans to a football stadium in the outskirts of Orlando to watch their team kick off a new era of Floridian soccer. Watching their first match on television, only one thought raced through my head, “I want to be there.” There was only one problem, it’s in Florida, so a road trip to Columbus last month was the next best thing. So my dad and I packed our bags, traveled six hours to Columbus, Ohio to MAPFRE Stadium and watched Orlando City and Columbus Crew SC go at it. SC Photo2Walking into MAPFRE Stadium, there was an aura about this match that carried with it something different than the other soccer matches I’ve attended; it was the history of the area. Columbus was MLS’ first team, and played in the first soccer specific stadium in the U.S. Other points of history are noted on yellow banners upon entrance to the gates that lead to the stadium. As the players ran out for warm-ups, I got my match-day program signed by US international and Orlando defender Brek Shea, and Columbus striker Kei Kamara. I had no idea who Kamara was, but after 90 minutes, everyone in the stadium would know his name. Taking my seat three rows back and behind the City bench, I had a good view of the action, the words exchanged between players, and both teams supporters groups. Columbus’ supporters occupied the Nordecke (German for Northern Corner, a nod to Columbus’ German heritage), and the Orlando supporter groups occupied the South Stand at MAPFRE, the Iron Lion Firm, and the Ruckus. Orlando’s supporters traveled far to watch their team, fourteen hours to be exact, and were hoping for a good game. Well they didn’t get what they were hoping for. Crew midfielder Federico Higuain showed some fancy footwork and back-heeled home a shot past Donovan Ricketts to put the Crew up 1-0, which sent the Nordecke into a frenzy. It would only get worse for Orlando, as Rafael Ramos would get sent off leaving City with only 10 players, which caused things to get heated between the teams. The first half ended, and during halftime I went over to the South end to take a panorama of the stadium, only to end up spending the second half at the Iron SC Photo3Lion Firm and Ruckus. Hopefully a change of scenery would lead to a better result. Long and short: it didn’t. Remember that Kei Kamara guy? Yeah he went on to score and assist to make it 3-0 Crew at the hour mark. But despite the loss, we were loud and passionate for the last 45 minutes of the match, singing various songs to attempt to will the team to get back in the game. At the end of the match, Crew supporters came over to say thanks for coming, and creating a great match-day environment at MAPFRE. In the end, it was time to say goodbye to the 100 new friends I made, and left the stadium with one question in mind, when is the next game?

SC Photo


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Track – By: Thad Cwiklinski

Running through dust clouds and barren wastelands, thundering hard on the plains, the York County School of Technology/York Catholic/York County Day track team is immersed in another successful year. And yes, contrary to popular belief, we do indeed have a track team, dear reader, as this author has been asked frequently by individuals who would trip over their own jaw if it dropped any lower at such earth-shaking news. It simply no longer gallops in the fields surrounding our fair school, nor weaves through the streets of York City. Personally, I find it is quite nice having access to the shining facilities of Tech, but there will always be a special place in my heart for the days of my youth, when my teammates and I ran around a soda can on a stick, and wildly celebrated the unexpected delight of winning a single meet. Including twenty or thirty athletes,  York County School of Technology Spartans, York Catholic Fighting Irish, and York County Day Greyhounds, combine to form the catchy acronym YCSTSYCFIYCDG, pronounced exactly how it spells. And what a season YCSTSYCFIYCDG is having!

The boys and girls have one loss each (the boys to Biglerville, the girls to Delone) but both have won two dual meets so far as well as the Spartan Invitational. The sense of comradery is stronger than any other team I’ve been on, not just track teams. Whether they are from Sparta, Ireland, or raised in a kennel (sorry Greyhounds) these people are some of the finest individuals I’ve met during my years in high school. The experience on the team has been something I would not trade for anything. The York County School of Technology Fighting Sparthounds (nah, its just Spartans) senior night is Tuesday May 21st at 3:30 at York County Tech. Come on out and support the team not only because we do indeed have one, but also because admission is free and we’d love to see you there.

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Tales from Pettisville, Volume 2: Commanders in Chief – By: Gus Landis

In the last installment of our series readers were given a look inside the corruption and haphazard stupidity rife within Pettisville only a year ago.  Understand, a year ago the streets of Pettisville were filthy, both figuratively and literally.  There are people you look for to help you clean up the streets.  In an action movie you would look for Liam Neeson, or maybe Jason Statham if you had a smaller budget.  In comics Batman is always lurking nearby and the Avengers are only an alien invasion away.  In many small towns like Pettisville people would look for those in positions of power: the mayor, police chief, fire chief, or local celebrities, but what about Pettisville.  Pettisville has a mayor, a police chief, a fire chief, and even a local celebrity; but all people, even celebrities, are can fall short of our expectations.

Pettisville Fire Chief Max Mercury has been on the job for only a few years; he took over after the former fire chief burned to death (Strangely enough it wasn’t a fire that got him, it was skin cancer from a tanning bed).  During Chief Mercury’s tenure there have been many fires in Pettisville, most of which have been responded to and several have even been contained if not put out by firefighters under Chief Mercury, take for example this article from last July:

Reporters caught up with the owner of Popular Designs to interview her about the fire that took place
early in the morning on July 23rd.  Luckily the store was closed and the fire caused no injuries.  Firefighter under fire chief Max Mercury arrived quickly to put out the small amount of flames that had spread through the studio and offices.  The quick response was both surprising, as the Pettisville Fire Department is not known for being prompt, and efficient, as the flames caused only minimal damage to Popular Designs. Chief Mercury could not provide a definitive cause of the fire, saying he’d “get around” to the investigation later.  The total losses to Popular Designs are still unknown but like the fire itself and the quality of this reporter’s writing they are expected to be minimal.

As evidenced by the article the people of Pettisville had no reasonable expectation of service, much less competent service from their own firefighters.  In fact we’ve investigated the Pettisville firehouse and found evidence of gross incompetence.  Oxygen tanks were filled with helium, balloons were filled with oxygen, the fire trucks were painted more of a rusty orange than fire engine red, and the firepole (used to speedily transverse the fire station in case of emergency) had been used for…unseemly activities.

However despite the trouble in their town, Pettisville’s populace is able to maintain a strikingly upbeat and happy attitude.  When asked how this was possible most citizens responded that they used an ancient and time honored medicinal cure for stress, alcohol.  Yes it’s true, Pettisville is home to a thriving nightlife, and only a lot of it involves criminal activity.  For proof we have only to turn to an article written last July by our source inside the Towne Crier.

While searching for the Towne Crier’s weatherman, who had been missing for two days due to his sever alcoholism, reporters entered Dylan’s Bar on Wall St. in Pettisville.  Although they were unable to find the weatherman they had been looking for the reporters found something else.  Local Bartender, Max Mercury, approached reporters about starting an advice column in the Towne Crier.  He told reporters that clearly Pettisville had a lot of issues and thought that the townspeople could use the kind of sage advice you can only get from a middle-aged bartender.  Starting in next week’s issue on August 3rd, Max will be answering your questions which you can send by mail, providing you have legally valid stamps, or you can fax your questions to the Towne Crier offices any time.  Look for “Behind The Bar” with Max Mercury in our next edition.

“Behind the Bar” became one of the most highly rated columns in Towne Crier history, and Bartender Max Mercury became a local celebrity.  He was of almost the same caliber as Country/Western music star, Max Mercury, a Pettisville native.

Pettisville’s mayor has run unopposed for a long time, almost 16 years, and rarely has anyone had anything bad to say about him.  Our source reported that some of that may have been due to the heavy handed censorship campaign he ran but nonetheless the numbers don’t lie.  Mayor Mercury has been elected 4 times with votes from anywhere between 28% and 100% of Pettisville’s electors.  However he won’t have to be worried about being elected anymore.

Max Mercury has declared himself Pettisville’s Eternal Mayor.  When asked why he made this decision Eternal Mayor Mercury said “I do everything around here already so why not make myself Eternal Mayor. It’s not such a bad job, I mean what else would I do, teach?”  Most people in Pettisville agreed that he’s not wrong and were pretty much okay with the decision.  For more information on Eternal Mayor Mercury check out his website at or find his facebook page.

This brief article was the only media reaction anywhere to Mayor Mercury’s decision.  Some of that may be due to the fact that Pettisville is a small town of little importance.  Not only that but it’s in Ohio so who outside Ohio would really care?  Either way residents of Pettisville agree, at least he’s not teaching.

Well this is the end of the article, and some of you may be asking, what about Pettisville’s finest, more importantly what about the Rivet Street Ripper Case that was the only reason anyone cared about Pettisville in the first place?  Not to worry, that’s all coming up in the next issue, because we’re trying to make money and dragging this thing out as long as possible is the best way to do that.  So watch out for our third and final issue, Tales from Pettisville, Volume 3: The Rivet Street Ripper.

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Summer Fruit Recipes – Alex Johnson and Kenny Clouser


Summer fruits are just around the corner.  This means strawberries, watermelon, blackberries, cantaloupes, blueberries, mangoes, and tomatoes are back.  We are going to share with you some summer fruit recipes.


What you need are some strawberries, chocolate syrup or melted chocolate chips, sugar, and whip cream.  You want to destem a strawberry either with scoop or a knife.  Next, you need to put the syrup or chocolate chips inside the strawberry where the stem was.  Then dip the strawberry in sugar.  The last thing is to put whip cream on the top of the strawberries. This sweet-chocolaty snacks helps you obtain your fruit servings in a tasty way!!!


What you need are about 8 cups of watermelon slices, frozen limeade, a cup of ginger ale, and ⅓ cup of water.  Let the limeade melt a little so you can put it in the blender.  Blend the limeade, watermelon, ginger ale, and water in the blender. This smoothie is refreshing on a hot summer day!!!


What you need are some blueberries and chocolate chip Eggo waffles.  Instead of putting the waffles in the toaster, you’re going to be putting them in the microwave.  But first stick some blueberries in the spaces where the chocolate chips are.  Now put the waffles in the microwave and follow the instructions on the box. Now you have flavorful waffles with antioxidant rich blueberries!!!


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The York Pizza Debate: DiCarlos vs Genova’s By: Katie Siple and Jordan Lesher


There are so many pizza places in York to go to, but by far the two that stand out the most are DiCarlos and Genova’s. Both are owned by two YC families, the Bahoufs and Grippis, respectively. But who has the best pizza? Katie Siple and Jordan Lesher decided to investigate.

Personally, Katie Siple prefers Genova’s to DiCarlos. She has grown up eating Genova’s in Spring Grove and pretty much goes there on a weekly basis. The staff is always so friendly and treats her like family. They even know her family’s order by heart – always a salad, mozzarella sticks, and a pepperoni pizza. Katie’s personal favorite part about Genova’s is the pepperoni pizza. She loves all of the quality, fresh ingredients they use. The best part? The traditional crust on the pizza. It is nice, crispy, and does not break when you fold it in half. Ranch dressing pairs perfectly with the oven baked Italian style pizza. DiCarlo’s can not top the secret, handed down for generations, amazing recipe for a heavenly pizza experience.

However, Jordan Lesher prefers DiCarlo’s pizza over Genova’s. After discovering it last summer while at a friend’s house, his family have become frequent regulars at DiCarlo’s, going as often as once or twice a week. The staff there know his entire family as soon as they walk in the door to DiCarlo’s modern looking interior on their 24 N. George Street location. He enjoys the restaurant’s open kitchen allowing the customer to watch the fresh baked Italian goodness being prepared right before the customer’s eyes. The best part of their pizza is the way they make it, not melting the cheese on after the pizza is baked in the oven, creating a product that is uniquely their own.The real question, does it truly have the upper hand over Genova’s in the battle of best pizza in York?

Katie and Jordan’s conclusion? They can not reach a conclusion. Both pizzas have their pros and cons with so many differences that you can’t just choose one winner. If this article does not make you hungry for pizza, then Jordan and Katie don’t know what will.

Photo Creds

Dicarlos Pizza


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D.C. Art Field Trip Kathleen Byrne

Art Trip

On Wednesday April 8, 2015, York Catholic High School juniors and seniors who take an art class took a field trip to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. We departed around 8:15 a.m. and had finally arrived around 10:30 a.m. My group consisted of Kelsea Dvorak with her mother as our chaperon Brittany Maas, Catherine Doyle (a.k.a. Faffy), Catie Putnam, and myself. We decided to eat lunch first, made the realization that a lot of the modern art wing was closed for construction, and made our way into the larger museum. There was a lot of art to see and it felt like so little time to take it all in. We passed through rooms with beautiful paintings and sculptures. The artwork seemed endless and one room expanded into another and then another. The art was beautiful and frankly, I could have dedicated a whole day to examining these masterpieces. My favorite piece was Van Gogh’s self portrait. I admire Van Gogh’s work and his use of texture and color. I admired Monet’s pieces and Picasso’s as well. After examining beautiful masterpieces and rooms upon rooms of art, we decided to depart and head to the Air and Space Museum. The crowds were overwhelming which able us to look at only two of the exhibits. Then we decided to go head over to the National Museum of Natural History. When you walked in, you were greeted by a giant Elephant. We then made our way through the mammal exhibit as well as the ocean life room. We then departed from both of those rooms and headed back towards the bus drop off zone. While waiting for the bus, we all stood by the prismatic triangles and the beautiful water fountain. We posed for group pictures and then boarded the bus. From there we sat in a ton of traffic, attempted to get Mrs. Bajor to let us stop at McDonald’s, and played games like two truths and a lie. All in all, the art field trip was on great adventure spent with my friends. Jokes were told and art was examined. The art field trip was a masterpiece and picture perfect day.

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Mrs. Clarkson Stats Projects

Mrs. Clarkson statistics class worked on various random sampling projects. This article presents an overview of the surveyed topics this year students conducted and recorded.

How much does the average male or female teenager texts?
By Luca Grippi and Marissa Ressler

This survey is based on seven males and seven females. They were asked how many times a day they text and how long they pick up the phone and look at it. Who do you think texts more?

The average male teenager picks up his phone nearly nine and half times a day for a total of three minutes each time. The average female picks up her phone for more than nine and half times for an average of seven minutes. So if you guessed female, you were correct.


Average Hours of Sleep per Night
By Ryan Deporter and Madison Dormer

Twenty-one average high schoolers were surveyed and on average, males get 1.26 more hours of sleep than females. Teenagers overall get an average of 6.83 hours of sleep.

It is obvious that youths are not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep. Is it because of the stress, increased workloads, modern media?


How long does it take for YC Seniors to drive to school
By Alejandra De Jesus Pinto and Theodore Trapeni

Twenty-eight York Catholic seniors were surveyed on the amount of time they spend daily driving to school in the mornings. The following school districts or regions all represent the random sample of participants: Central, Dallastown, Dover, Maryland, North Eastern, Red Lion, Southwestern, Spring Grove, Suburban, Susquehanna, West Shore, and York City. Below are two tables, the top one represents the number of students in each district or region, the bottom one represents the amount of time spent traveling to school from each specific district or region.


Preferred Extracurricular Activity
By Emily Gruszczynski and Catherine Putnam

There are numerous extracurricular activities available at York Catholic and almost everyone is involved in something. What is the most popular here at York Catholic?  Seventy-five students within the sophomores, juniors and seniors classes,  completed the survey and chose between sports, theater, music, or other clubs. The sports category won by a landslide with 52%. However, this was easy to predict since there are many sports and most people participate in at least one. Whether this was their favorite type of extracurricular was the true test and it seemed to ring true. Second and third places were much closer together with music at 20% and theater at 19%. Meanwhile the other clubs category, including organizations such as student council and NHS, only amounted to 9%. This was expected as well. Though most students are members of a miscellaneous club, it’s rare for that to be their favorite activity. In total, 39 students chose sports, 15 chose music, 14 chose theater, and 7 chose other clubs.

EC ActivitiesCar owners vs non owners – Drivers vs non drivers
By Catherine Vizzard and Gus Landis

In surveying a random sampling of students in York Catholic’s senior class it was determined that a high number of students (75%) drive to school every morning.  However only 37.5% of students surveyed. personally own their cars.  That means that, following the rules of percentages, only 28% of drivers own their own cars.



How much time does seniors spend on social media on weeknights and weekends?
By Brady Wilking and Katie Siple

Our survey of homeroom 106, which is made up of 21 students was conducted to figure out on average how much time the typical senior student spend on social media websites on weeknights and how much time is spent on social media on weekends. The data collected from the results shows that the majority of senior students spend less time on average on social media websites on weekdays opposed to weekends. Of the 21 students surveyed 12 students spent a total of 2 hours or less on social media websites on weekdays. In addition, a total of 14 students of the same group said they spend more than 2+ hours on social media websites per night on the weekend. This data clearly shows that on average senior students spend more time on social media on the weekends than on week nights.

Senior Social Media

How Much TV Does the YC Seniors Watch?

By Nick Kiel and Mara Caruso

This stats project was based on sampling the seniors of YC how many hours of TV they watch a day and then find the average they watch a week. We decided to use Stratified Random Sample as our sampling method and start with the 7th person on the senior roster and then ask every 7th person until the end. We ended up with 13 subjects and we asked them to fill out on average how many hours a day they watch TV. Our results concluded that on average the YC seniors watch eleven hours and fifteen minutes of TV per week. On average the seniors watch five hours and fifteen minutes of TV on the weekends and then seven hours during the week, with Friday being the most popular day of the week.

Average time York Catholic seniors spend driving on the weekdays.
By. Paul Weisser and Anne Lehr

 Studies over the past years have shown a steady increase in amount of time young people spend driving. How could this increase in time driving impact our youth? Twenty-five students of the senior class were randomly selected to take a small survey asking them about their driving habits and extracurriculars. The survey found that seniors spend between 10-200 minutes with a standard deviation of 46.27 minutes driving on a given day, having an average of 85.2 minutes. Also, high school seniors participates in an average of 3.92 extracurriculars, within the range of 0-14 and standard deviation of 3.04 extracurriculars at YC. In  most cases, as the number of extracurriculars went up, so did the number of minutes spent driving. Although our country’s youth may only see the benefits and freedom of this increase in driving, it can have some consequences that most do not think about, such as increased car accidents.

Senior Drivers


Seventh grade sleeping habits
By Katie Haskell & Dong Kim

Curious about how much sleep the youngest bunch of the YC family gets, they gave a homeroom of 17 seventh graders a 2-question survey. The survey asked only the person’s gender and how many hours of sleep they get every night. Out of the 9 boys and 8 girls, the majority of them got the advised 8 hours of sleep every night recommended by major health organizations for growing pre-teens. Only one of the students got as little as 5 a night, which the seniors advised him to work on since sleep deprivation normally hits stressed students in higher grades. The highest number was 9 hours of sleep every night. Hearing that this student gets 9 hours of sleep strikes envy into the heart of any student who stays up to ungodly hours completing assignments. The average number of hours for both males and females was 6; sleep researchers say the required amount for 12-18 year -old is between 8 and 10.

Sleeping hours

Comparison of 8th grade, 10th grade, and 12th grade social media usage
By. Meredith Beecher and Kathleen Byrne

This survey is based on one eighth grade homeroom, one tenth grade homeroom, and one twelfth grade homeroom. The questions asked were, “how many hours a day do you spend on Twitter?”, “How many hours a day do you spend on Instagram?”, and “How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook?” For the eighth grade the average for hours spent on Twitter was .0526, Instagram was 1.65, and Facebook was .131. For the tenth grade the average of hours spent on Twitter was 1.020, Instagram was 1.604, and Facebook at .75.  For the twelfth grade the average of hours spent on Twitter was .67, Instagram was .75, and Facebook at .0107. In the graph for the twelfth grade you see that Facebook and Twitter use are pretty even whereas Facebook is measurably higher.  For the graph of the tenth grade, Facebook is the smallest, with Twitter being slightly larger in height. The eighth grade graph clearly shows that Twitter is neglected whereas Instagram is used widely as well as Facebook. In the graph for all grades we see that Twitter is used most among sophomores, seniors come in second, and eighth graders in third. For Instagram usage eighth grade leads, with sophomores in second, and seniors in third. For Facebook the tenth grade shows that they use this form of social media far more than the eighth graders who use it a little, and the seniors who are barely visible on the graph. The centers are fairly accurate and orve to match the means well.

8 graph

10 graph

12 graph

combine graph

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