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Powderpuff Game by: Jason Taylor

Posted by on October 5, 2015

On September 24th we had our very first school wide powderpuff game. The game was held at the York Catholic football stadium and was played between junior and senior girls and the female teachers. Every grade watched from the stands. While the game was played with women instead of men, many major elements, like coaches, a referee, cheerleaders, the school band, and so forth, stayed the same, giving the audience the impression of a real football game. There were however some differences. The coaches were senior York Catholic football players and the announcers were YC students. At halftime, the band did a movie-based musical performance. At one point, Pope Francis rode past the bleachers in his popemobile. Also, Mr. G could be seen taking selfies with a cell phone attached to a long stick. In the end, the junior and senior girls defeated the female teachers by getting many touchdowns and forcing several turnovers.


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