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College Football 2015 Preview by: Jordan Lesher and Liam O’Connor

Posted by on October 6, 2015

With the return to normal school life comes many things, homework, extracurricular activities, and the increased workload and stress that another year at York Catholic brings. But with the return of school comes the return of what arguably can be considered the best thing to come out of Fall, and that is college football. Yes you pumpkin spice latte lovers and Halloween freaks may argue with us, but what else brings this nation together better than college football? Nothing, exactly. So we have put together a preview that will give you what we expect for the season ahead in a 100% unbiased and objective opinion. Editor’s Note: These predictions were made prior to Week One of the season, but due to not posting the article until a month into the season, some predictions may seem off.

Jordan Lesher- Last year was a big year for the University of Oregon, as they had Marcus Mariota win the Heisman, beating out many other great players for the honor of being named best in the nation, ahead of people like Alabama’s star wide receiver Amari Cooper, which some Bama fans are still a bit salty about. Oregon won’t be able to maintain the offensive firepower that Mariota brought to the table in the passing game or being able to extend plays, but do bring back talented running back Royce Freeman, and highly touted quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. transferring from Eastern Washington. I predict them to absolutely dominate the PAC-12, the joke of a conference that it is, and easily coast into the Rose Bowl, or a possible playoff bid.  But the Ducks could face possible challenges against Michigan State, USC and Arizona State. Ohio State will just pick up right where they left off and just dominate the college football world, with their only possible chance for upset being versus Michigan State in November. If they can handle the Spartans in Columbus, expect the Buckeyes to be a shoe-in to repeat as Big Ten champions, and make it into the playoff. The SEC will have another great year, with mostly everyone thinking they have a chance to play for the title in Atlanta, but both divisions have clear favorites. In the East, expect Georgia and Missouri to be the favorites to contend for the bid for the title game, and if anyone other than Alabama is the representative in the West, expect the college football world to plummet into chaos. Overall I expect TCU, Ohio State, Alabama and Michigan State to make the playoff, with the Ohio State University beating TCU to take home another National Championship

Liam – I have two words that will sum this college football season up, Roll Tide. That’s right Alabama is unarguably the best program in the nation. Here is my top 10 rankings for the season.

  1. Alabama
  2. LSU
  3. Ole Miss
  4. Auburn
  5. Georgia
  6. Arkansas
  7. Mississippi State
  8. Florida
  9. South Carolina
  10. Missouri

Now you are probably wondering why all of these teams are all in the same conference. This conference just so happens to be the SEC, the baby NFL. There are no worthy college programs out there in any conference especially the PAC-12. Since it has been a two year national championship drought for Alabama and the SEC expect big things from the power conference this season.


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