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Final Papal Mass in Philadelphia by: Jason Taylor

Posted by on October 6, 2015

I visited Philadelphia with my mom for Pope Francis’s final mass during his 2015 visit to the United States. We had to take a train into the city because cars were prohibited in the area. After leaving the station, we had to walk about half a mile to get to a security checkpoint, where we waited in line for an hour. There were probably thousands of police officers, hundreds of police cars, several helicopters, and so forth, all concentrated in one area. My mom and I passed security and walked as far as we were allowed without a ticket, approximately a mile away from the mass. There was no way we could have gotten a ticket. All of the tickets sold out in a half hour online and I don’t think my mom and I would’ve wanted to involve ourselves in that epic electronic brawl in order to get tickets. Therefore, we picked a spot right next to the road where the Pope would pass before mass. Then we waited again, for four hours (the mass started at four PM and we arrived at twelve). We had to be there early. In the end, there were probably a million or so people, and it was already crowded when we arrived. Hours later the Pope finally passed by in his pope mobile. Pope Francis then held mass, which could be viewed all over the city on jumbotrons. The mass was two or three hours long, but my mom and I left early in order to avoid the mass exodus of people.


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