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Spectator Staff



2016-2017 YC Spectator Staff

Back Row: Ian Schlough, Eli Doyle, Adam Bittner, Jessica Brett, Rosalee Najdek, Courtney Nattans

Middle Row: Katie Miller, John Brauer, Rachel Shelley, Eden Jahn, Tyler Baim, Amelia Strayer, Danielle Yinger, Jakkar Kinard

Front Row: Rebecca Hull, Rebecca Marinelli, Maria Sheaffer, Rebekah Boyer, Bryan Bullen, Moderator: Mrs. Nichols

Three YC Spectator Staff Members will have a short bio/description in each of the editions this year.  Click on the editions in the Monthly Archives list to the right to read more.


2015-2016 YC Spectator Staff

Jordan Lesher – Senior

I’m the only returning journalist from last year’s class, and question more and more everyday why I decided to come back. To be honest, I have no idea. When I’m not cranking out articles to keep the five of you that read this thing in study hall entertained, I watch the New York Rangers make every team in the NHL look bad, Oregon dominate the joke that is the PAC 12 North, and watch Orlando City SC get absolutely killed every weekend because despite the fact they have Kaka, they play like absolute garbage. After I graduate, I intend on taking my talents of writing to the University of Central Florida, to study Journalism.

Liam O’Connor – Senior

I play lacrosse here at York Catholic. Many of you already know I am a Buffalo Bills fanatic. I enjoy everything sports especially football and lacrosse. I choose to take this class to improve my writing skills. I am committed to play lacrosse at Eastern University where I will be majoring in business.

Jason Taylor – Senior

I am not involved in many extra-curricular activities at school, but I used to play football. I’ve liked comedic writing ever since I was in elementary school (not so much the physical writing as much as the creative and clever thinking involved). I enjoy humor so much that I even analyze it and the psychology of it. I also like philosophy and critical thinking in general.

Carolyn Amereihn – Junior

I am currently on the tennis team as a varsity player and have been apart of the team since freshman year. I also participated in the school musical as an eighth grader as well as a freshman. Aside from school activities, I play guitar and occasionally sing. For volunteering, I often go to the Catholic Harvest Food Pantry, St. Joe’s York Carnival, and sometimes volunteer in my mother’s classroom at Head Start of York. Just like any other student I enjoy going to the football games, coffee houses. mini-thon, and other sporting events. This year I plan to join the yearbook and homecoming committees. After York Catholic, I plan to go to school to study endangered species and how to save them. I am also interested in digital imaging and well of course, Journalism.

Adam Bittner – Junior

I am involved with Future Leaders of York, a program where students from the surrounding school districts meet and speak with local entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and business owners.  The purpose of the program is to help students advance their networking skills and become future leaders in their communities. As a result of my interest in architecture, I have joined the ACE Mentoring program for design which joins students with local engineers and architects and gives them a hands on learning experience. I also have been elected to the York Catholic Student Council, responsible for organizing school events and serves as a direct link between the administration and the student body. I am also involved with Varsity Club, varsity football and lacrosse, and Ping Pong Club. In my free time I enjoy working on a Black Angus Beef farm in Dallastown, mowing lawns, and socializing with my friends.

Rebecca DeMonda – Junior 

I’m involved in after school activities such as the Country Meadows Club where we go to visit and talk with the residents there. Occasionally, I also volunteer at Leg Up Farm and help out with the activities for the kids there. I used to be involved with the basketball and cross country team. In my free time I enjoy reading and doing other projects for the community. When I leave York Catholic I hope to go to a college in Boston and major in a literary field. My interest in literature also persuaded me to join Journalism. I hope to continue making many worthwhile articles in the student newspaper, The Spectator.

Ian Schlough – Junior 

I am part of our school’s lacrosse team and this year I will be part of the mock trial team, and the musical. I am a mission rep for my homeroom. I like to be part of the chess club and I want to be part of the ping pong club. I plan to help set up for our schools homecoming. I help with disabled people who come to my house every Tuesday and Thursday. They come to my house because I live on a farm and they like to see the horses. These people come from Baltimore, Maryland and my mom has them do activities, meet the horses so they can have fun, and experience what it is like to live on a farm.


YC Staff

2014-2015 YC Spectator Staff

Katie Siple – a senior, has been a part of the Spectator staff for two years now. With my superior experience, I have risen to the top to become the editor of the newspaper as well as the yearbook. I love playing basketball (when I actually play) and reprising my role as Shirley Holmes in “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” You can normally find me in the music room for band or choir and can identify me by the bright hair accessory of the day. I plan on attending Ithaca College in the fall, where you can guarantee I will be freezing to death while studying Integrated Marketing.

Kathleen Byrne, a senior,  has enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember.  Kathleen also loves art, with her favorite artist being Andy Warhol.  In her spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix, reading, listening to music, as well as looking at fashion magazines.  Kathleen has also been in the choir as a soprano since 7th grade.  After high school, she plans to study psychology at Alvernia University.

Alex Johnson, a senior, is a first time writer for the Spectator. Alex is very athletic both on and off the field and court; she has played Volleyball for 7 years as well as playing Softball for 2 years. She has also been a member of stage crew, and has been a soprano in choir since 7th grade. She is an avid hockey fan, with her favorite team being the Pittsburgh Penguins. In her spare time she can be found playing Volleyball, attending hockey games, or watching Netflix. After high school, Alex plans to attend college.

Aengus Landis, a senior, born at an altitude of 4,000 feet  was the first of York Catholic’s YC Spectator journalists to go skydiving at the age of 3 minutes.   A gymnastics prodigy he competed on the state level for three years, ages two to five.  Beginning school, well why even dive into that tedium.  As a high school student Aengus has excelled in a variety of activities, not one of which related to academics.  Next year he will be “going to college” in “Philadelphia” and plans to “major” in “Communications”.

Thad Cwiklinski, a senior – Heart of Gold, Wings of an Eagle, Eye of the Tiger, Stomach of Iron, Humility out the Wazoo, He appreciates the finer things in life.  He also enjoys Track and Field, the best sport ever, in his humble opinion.  College?  He’ll figure it out.

Kenny Clouser, a senior, I enjoy adventure. I like puzzles and challenges. My friends know me as “Happy Kenny”. I am a part of the ski club. I plan to attend college after high school.

Jordan Lesher, a junior,  as the lone junior on the Spectator staff, I’ve learned to love everyone of staff here.  I enjoy writing and watching sports, specifically the New York Rangers, and Manchester United. I usually can be seen around the halls of YC giving high fives and being told that (insert anything here) is better than my laser tag team. I’m also goalie for the soccer team and manager of the guy’s lacrosse team. I enjoy writing reviews on different things involving sports and writing reviews on all things soccer. I also have the most twitter followers of anyone at York Catholic, and a wealth of screenshot Snap-chats from various people that are ready to be leaked at a moment’s notice. After school, I plan on attending college to study Journalism to become a sports writer.

2013-2014 Spectator Staff

2013-2014 Spectator Staff

Alexa Draganosky – 

My name is Alexa Draganosky, and I am a Junior at York Catholic. Singing, playing piano, acting, and drawing are just a few of my many hobbies. Music truly is my life and passion. I am a part of YC’s Student Council, Concert Choir, and Mock Trial. I participate in the school’s annual musical and am also in the York County Honors Choir. In college, I plan on studying Law or go into a field of Psychology with an emphasis on Music Therapy.

Amelia York – 

I’m a Senior whose passions are basketball, lacrosse, any kind of physical activity, traveling/adventure, and having a good time. After high school, I plan on majoring in Archaeology and playing collegiate basketball. My dream is to travel the world, go places no one else has gone, and discover things no one else has seen.

Travis Fisher – 

My name is Travis Fisher and I grew up in the slums of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. My hobbies include playing lacrosse, football, and cruising around the mean streets of York with my pals. My diet consists of fried pickles, Burritos, and Rutters Peach Tea. I plan on playing lacrosse in college and studying to be a high school history teacher.

Katie Siple –  

Hi, my name’s Katie Siple and I’m a junior at York Catholic. I love to play basketball and enjoy acting in the school’s annual fall play. I am involved in Concert Band and play three instruments including the flute, guitar, and piano. I enjoy writing and am involved with Teen Takeover, where I write for the York Daily Record. I hope to be a communications major in college and look forward to writing for Spectator this year.

L.J. Zinda – 

I’m a 17-year-old, baby-faced senior who still waits with bated breath for a single hair to don my chin. In my free time, I can be found snacking on something which may or may not be edible, removing the brakes from abandoned automobiles, and  participating in cross-country and track. Described by some as a free-ranging entity, a half-empty barrel of laughs, and “World’s #1 Great Grandfather”,I will gladly pay you Thursday for a burrito today.

Megan Bittner – 

My name is Megan Bittner, and I’m a senior at York Catholic. I keep in shape by playing volleyball, lacrosse, and chasing my dog around the house. I have a vast portfolio of Snapchat shots featuring my double chins. I recently signed a record deal with my shower head. My pet peeve is when people try to steal my food; some have even lost fingers because of this…

Morgan Hart – 

My name is Morgan Hart, and I am a senior. I play football, lacrosse and am part of York Catholic’s Student Council as a homeroom representative.  I love to draw, watch my favorite sports team, the Washington Redskins,and my favorite show, The Walking Dead.  You can often catch me singing or creating strange noises up and down the halls.

Sarah Gabriele – 

I’m a Senior who loves to play lacrosse, read, write, and be outdoors. After high school, I am attending Kutztown University, where I will be majoring in elementary education and playing collegiate lacrosse. I hope to one day be a teacher and help kids learn how to read and write.

Matthew Young – 

I am a senior at York Catholic. When not typing up stories for the spectator I am involved in the Literary Society and Flag Duty. I enjoy reading, writing, and hanging out with my friends. I also enjoy watching movies and going for runs.

Nayeli Garcia – 

I am senior at York Catholic and am the second oldest out of four sisters. I participate in AMDG and Stage Crew for the fall play and spring musical. I have a twin and a younger sibling that attend YC as well. We enjoy all that the school has to offer. My hobbies include soccer, drawing and listening to music. I like to try new things, things that I least expect myself to do, which is the reason why I am taking Journalism.

Thomas Hand – 

I am one of two gingers working for The Spectator.  As a fun-loving senior, I enjoy reading fine literature, dancing behind closed doors, and staring enviously at eagles in flight.  Judge me if you will, but I derive great amusement from writing three sentence summaries of myself.

2013-2014 Spectator Staff
2013-2014 Spectator Staff